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Civil Engineering

Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering is a key element in land development and utilizing a firm with a vast depth of consulting experience in Florida's local, county, regional, and state agencies will prove to be the link to project success. CRJ is extremely proud of our customer satisfaction in both the private and municipal sector, which has allowed us several repeat customers since our inception in 1999.

CRJ's philosophy is to maintain client satisfaction through: establishing Client goals with budgetary expectations, apply value engineering know-how to attain goals, conduct a thorough due-diligence of the project parameters / constraints, meet with jurisdictional permitting agencies, prepare a comprehensive Scope & Fee Proposal, evaluate a project design / permitting schedule, and proceed as professionals with the established tasks of the design. This formula of steps creates a planning tool or "map" for all CRJ staff and Clients that results in a mutual understanding of how to proceed and manage the Civil Engineering design.

These "steps" are well thought out and allow for modification as the project proceeds. CRJ has a reputation within the Engineering Community and with our Clients as providing fair market pricing for our services. CRJ's determination, company dynamics and professional demeanor has allowed us to create Civil Engineering Solutions and not the cliché of resolving Engineering Issues.

Examples of our abilities to create Civil Engineering Solutions are:

  • Master Planning & Engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Sight Distance Calculations
  • Streets & Highway Design
  • Cost Estimating Pavement Section Design & Details
  • Traffic Queue Lanes
  • Parks & Recreational Design
  • MOT/TCP Roadway Safety Plans
  • ADA Compliance Designs
  • Neighborhood Traffic Calming
  • Storm water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Pavement Marking & Signage Design
  • Storm water Pump Station Computer Modeling & Permitting
  • Facilities Inspections
  • Site Development Plans
  • Storm water Master Plans & Computer Modeling
  • Engineering Master Plan Studies & Cost Estimating Matrices
  • NPDES Site Inspections
  • Grading & Drainage Design
  • Storm water Designs & Permitting
  • Aviation Apron Design – Asphalt
  • Site Planning Design & DRC Processing
  • Water & Sewer Design and Permitting
  • Floodplain Analysis
  • Aviation Apron Design – Concrete
  • Land-Use Planning (Aviation, Residential, Commercial)
  • QA/QC Plans Reviews
  • Contract Administration
  • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Studies
  • Specialty/Threshold Inspections
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