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Construction Management

Construction Management A fundamental component of construction program management is the Construction Engineer's abilities. Construction engineers are problem solvers, they create "real-life solutions" that best meet the demands found on a construction site and serve the benefit of the Client. Construction Engineers must be able to understand material life cycles and have the perspective to solve technical challenges with clarity, imagination, and remain unbiased in their decisions; they must work hand in hand with all construction trades and often incur long hours on the site. CRJ's Construction Engineering personnel have such characteristics – dedication is key. CRJ's Construction Engineers have a strong understanding of design, are critical and analytical, understand time management, have strong communication and writing skills, and always remain professional.

CRJ's Construction Management style has been complemented by several of our Clients; our approach is simply not to observe the contractors' work – but to assist when questions / issues arise in the field and provide concise and reasonable solutions that assist all stakeholders. CRJ is certified with the State of Florida's DOT for providing Construction Engineering Inspection services as well as with Miami-Dade, Broward County, SFWMD and other local / municipal agencies.

CRJ has provided construction services for projects such as: airport facilities, residential communities, commercial projects, recreational parks, specialty / threshold building inspections, fire stations, roadways, water mains, sanitary sewers, stormwater pipe networks, lakes, retention areas, and many other facilities. The best construction management practice is to maintain a close working relationship with all parties involved and to respond effectively to items that arise. The CRJ approach, coupled with our experience and knowledge, offers Clients the opportunity to capitalize on our skills which results in a quality job with minimal problems. Mr. Fermanian, P.E. – President of CRJ has always been involved with construction management and has over 20-years of professional experience in this capacity.

In addition, and as part of our Construction Management Services, CRJ also provides: Property Conditions Assessments (PCA's) as per the Standard & Poor's Criteria and ASTM E-2018, and senior staff has provided expert witness testimony in Federal Court.

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